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Thanks for stopping by, and please pardon our dust – we’re working on a new website.

We are also busy helping our clients with websites, computer stuff, artwork, printing, e-mail campaigns, and other attention gettey stuff. We specialize in getting your organization represented by your unique vision, and then helping you cover all your bases with the internet stuff.

[blog update: 4/7/2014]
   We are working on our new SpiralSpark2.0 site. Having been working on the new site for some time, it was just not wanting to finish up. One night we were not happy with our old site (which was a bit outdated by our standards) so we pulled it and we put up a temp page. I (Phil) was also hoping this would get us to finish up the website fast!

   Well.. months and several direction changes later we have something different coming along nicely that feels good to us. Some of our clients might be a bit nervous and we know our lack of website has cost us some new business. We are really grateful for our clients!

   We have some things coming that will make it easier for us (saving us time) and for our clients (secret!). We know how important the work we do for our clients is so we will always deliver more, with the highest standards, at great prices.
[end blog]

We know how it can feel overwhelming (almost like running another whole business), and that is why we are here to help you!

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Phil and Charlotte

Phil is an Information Systems graduate with a Computer Science background and has over 5 years of experience each as webmaster, graphic designer, business manager, lead programmer, website designer, network engineer and systems analyst. Charlotte has many years of experience as a website designer, editor, tester, end-user design specialist, technical translator, programmer, and web assistant. – Thanks for Visiting!

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