11 Great Things About Web Design

Nov 17, 2014
  1. Fixing a typo is easy and inexpensive (often free).
  2. Don’t like a graphic, a paragraph, or even an entire page? Just delete it – no landfills!
  3. It’s fun to try out different colors and layouts.
  4. Looking for photos and images is like a worldwide treasure hunt!
  5. Those adorable little social media icons.
  6. Our OCD side enjoys getting ALL the small details just right.
  7. I ♥ FONTS.  One time I installed so many fonts that it slowed down my computer.  (OK, so maybe I have a problem.)
  8. There’s never a dull moment in the web design biz. The internet keeps changing, and we keep up.
  9. Some of the beautiful web designs out there are tremendously inspiring.
  10. It allows people to express themselves to a huge audience without the “gatekeepers” of traditional media.
  11. The look on a client’s face (or the happiness in their voice, etc.) when you’ve nailed a look and feel they love.


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